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          Welcome to the official website of Baoji Juling drilling and production equipment Co.,Ltd.
          SF Series Drill Control Room

          SF Series Drill Control Room

          • Product Overview
          • Parameter
          • Presentation
          • Oilfield application

            • The driller's Cabin as the rig control center, has a very important position on the petroleum drilling rig, and the driller is in the driller's Cabin to command the drilling operation of the whole well pad.
              Our company specializes in the production of the driller's Cabin. The design and manufacture comply with relevant national and international standards(is9001, iso1400)and relevant standards of petroleum enterprises;The performance meet the relevant requirements and regulations of HSE;The design and manufacturing of the room meets the general requirements of the drilling rig of``safe, reliable, advanced,convenient and economical.It has high adaptability in explosion-proof,sand proof, shockproof,moisture-proof,sound insulation, heat insulation and anti-corrosion.
              Our company has provided hundreds of Driller's Cabin for XIBU drilling company, BOMCO, BOHAI drilling company,the fourth machinery factory SINOPEC, DAQING drilling company, CHUANQING drilling company etc..



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